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Facade Improvement

A building’s facade is its face to the world – the first impression that can attract potential customers or create a desired feeling or impression. Updating a facade can act as an economic boost by redefining the building’s character and increasing its value. Facade upgrades, as a rule, create a lot of “bang” for the buck.

We approach each façade opportunity with energy, creativity, and keen awareness of cost and value - the essential ingredients for success. Working collaboratively to explore a wide range of design ideas and sketch options, we insure that everyone involved is on the same page - the owner, the City, and the Design Review authorities, including applicable preservation entities.

Many cities or counties offer grants, loans, or incentives for facade improvements. There are also a variety of tax credits available, in areas such as accessibility improvements and pre-1935 building work. Our expertise and experience combined lead to high impact face lifts while minimizing expense..

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M.F. Malinowski, FAIA, recognized among  Sacramento's 100 most influential by Sacramento Magazine

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